Riverview East School PSSC Minutes

Wednesday, January 17th, 2024


In Attendance: Matthew Dixon (principal), Harry Doyle (DEC chair), Dr. Kathy Reddin Sleigh, Erica Marney, Nathaniel Steeves, Andrew Harris, Manon LeBlanc-Hill (teacher/SPR representatives)

Regrets: Paula Murnaghan, Felicia Burton

This is the second meeting of the Riverview East PSSC for the school year 2023-2024

  • Members were asked to introduce themselves.
  • Minutes from last meeting to be submitted-Motioned by Matt Dixon, Seconded by Manon LeBlanc-Hill

The PSSC meeting agenda, Duties of Principals, and School Improvement Planning documents were prepared by Matt Dixon beforehand and presented to members.

Erica Marney elected as secretary.

SPR presentations:

Manon LeBlanc-Hill-SPR Literacy and Graduation

  • Improvement idea, Rationale, and Monitoring plan shared.
  • EGLA data for K-2 EP & 1-3 FI, and grade 3-5 common assessments will be reviewed.
  • Supporting new teachers with setting up literacy centers, supporting all teachers so that they can support each student.
  • Help identify and align gaps on report cards and assessments.

Nathaniel Steeves-SPR Numeracy and Graduation

  • Improvement idea, Rationale and Monitoring plan shared.
  • SPR Leads are helping to promote communication throughout the school.
  • Nathaniel holds the role of Academic Intervention Teacher and is present in classrooms supporting teachers and students.
  • New Professional Learning is shared within the school.
  • Currently a Book study which promotes learning in mathematics is taking place within the school.
  • Grades K-2 are doing some work in pairs and grades 3+ in small groups.
  • Riverview East is a pilot school for Benchmark assessments.
  • Feedback from last assessment was that it was too “wordy”

Andrew Harris-SPR Students and Staff Feel Safe, Cared for, and Engaged in Learning  

  • Improvement idea, Rationale and Monitoring plan shared.
  • Discussed the team approach taken.
  • Implementation and monitoring of student perception data
  • Playground issues: data is collected and analyzed. Check ins occur to see how students and staff are responding.
  • Focus on students feeling safe, engaged, and happy so that they are more engaged in learning.
  •  Activities and spaces incorporated into student life such as the “Green Pod” where hands on learning occurs.
  • This team helps to promote students having a voice within the school and be recognized for their accomplishments.
  • Focus on melding fun and curriculum together.

Harry Doyle-DEC Report

  • Old Moncton High School could be put to use.
  • There has been a large increase in students within Anglophone East School District.

Principal Report:

  • Current enrollment shared.
  • All 8 portables will be removed in February.
  • School Life-many Clubs are up and running for this school year some examples are: badminton, Brilliant labs, and the planetarium, water polo, gymnastics, guitar club, and intramurals
  • Family Literacy Day will take place Friday January 26th.

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 20th, 2024 (6:15-7:15)

Meeting adjourned: by Matt Dixon at 7:15



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