8:10Classes Start
1:30Dismissal K-2
2:30Dismissal 3-8


Riverview East School is a K-5 school; Kindergarten to Grade Five, with Regular English and Immersion programs and Intensive French at Grade 5. Presently there are approximately 500 students enrolled. Our School provides a positive learning environment for all students and staff. Current policies and practices regarding discipline are supported by Riverview’s Community of Schools’ “Grow by Living Well” initiative. This initiative is to promote respect, academic responsibility and citizenship that extend beyond the walls of the school and into our larger community. The school’s policy is designed to reflect provincial Policy 703, PLEP (Positive Learning Environment Plan).
Our three simple rules to respect are: 1. Sharing and Caring 2. Hands are for helping 3. Do the right thing
During the first week of school an assembly will take place where the Principal will review behavioural expectations. Bus safety and bus rules will be reviewed the first week of school. A copy will be sent home. Everyone attending Riverview East School is considered to be an important member of the Riverview East School Family. Positive student behavior is recognized. Students recognized for excellent choices or work could receive an eagle feather to put in Eddie’s nest, or take part in a monthly celebration for good citizenship and academic responsibility. Our Grade Level Teams will be holding a monthly celebration activity for those students who complete their school work to the best of their abilities and following school rules. Positive behaviour and good choices are reinforced through our Positive Behaviour Reinforcement Policy. The emphasis of this policy is rewarding good behaviour through praise, recognition, and a monthly celebration of good behavior. Parents are made aware of the Positive Learning environment policy through information sessions at parent meetings. Students will have the policy reviewed at the beginning of the school year and periodically reviewed. The policy will be sent home for parents to review and sign at the beginning of the school year.