PSSC AGENDA – October 26th, 2022

  1. Welcome & Introductions & Roles
  2. Attendance: Donna Godfrey, Harry Doyle, Julie Stewart, Claude Anglehart, Trevor Morrison, Ashley Price, Rebecca Steeves, Mark Shaddick, Craig Lutes, Paula Schott, Matt Dixon

Missing: Dallas McCready

  • Icebreaker

Game: Everyone answers 2 random questions

  • Passing of the minutes

Claude Anglehart motioned, and Ashely Price seconded

  • Elect chair

Chair:                   Sarah Murphy

Vice Chair:          Dallas McCready

Secretary:           Rebecca Steeves

  • Signing of declaration

Declaration signed

  • DEC report:

Harry Doyle spoke to the fact that the DEC may not be something as of next month.

Harry Doyle will be running for council in Albert County

  • Distribution of PSSC pamphlet

Handed out

  • Schedule dates for future PSSC meetings
  • Teacher report (data & learning updates)

Julie Stewart:

  •  District goal for Literacy and Math
  • Literacy: The goal is to have all kids to grade level in both Math and English. For all students to have a deep understanding. In Middle school, in MSTE, they are working on stop Motion. They practice in small groups. They will get to put a movie together at the end of the unit. In Music, the 7 and 8’s write about the music they listen to and how the music connects to them. In Kindergarten the grade 8’s has partnered with the K students. It is a beautiful bond between old and new. Kindergarteners get to listen to an older read. They have taken leaf and letter walks.
  • Math: Grade 7 are working with micro bots (block Coding)
  • Green Pod just received a grant to put 25 gardens into classrooms.
  • Lots of clubs are up and running
  • National ballet is working with the kindergartens
  • Remembrance Art and assembly with happen
  • Digital safety
  1. Portable updates

We have 4 portables that are supposed to arrive for school. They have been creative to place classes around the school. They have reached out and they are to be getting classrooms

Put in new transition practices to avoid overcrowding. Do not know when the portables will be ready. It is a contracting issue.

  1. Principal report (infrastructure, enrollment demographics)

Slides: We are hoping to get new slides and add more equipment to the space for the middle school

801 students in the school

4 classes are maxed

23 new ELA students since September

Ian Murray is the tutor who is helping the children settle.

Demographics seem to change daily. I receive a lot of calls from the welcome center every day.

Breakfast program is up and running

Mill creek – opportunity to hike and geocash

Lacrosse is going to be taught at RES

Successful cross country

Basketball season is coming up next

Volleyball will begin soon

  1. Meeting dates:

November 23

January 18

March 22

April 26

May 24

  1. Adjournment

Sarah Murphy adjourned



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