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PSSC Meeting Minutes

Wednesday January 25, 2023

The regular meeting of the Parent School Support Committee was held on Wednesday January 25, 2023, at 6:00 PM in the RES in the Tech Room.


Matt Dixon (Acting Principal), Dallas McCready (Vice Chair), Harry Doyle (Councillor/Chair at AEDEC) Tammy Boudreau (Teacher Representative), Ashley Price, Claude Anglehart, Mark Shaddick, Paula Murnaghan (H&S Representative), Trevor Morrison

Regrets: Sarah Murphy (Chair), Rebecca Steeves (Secretary), Craig Lutes


Matt welcomed everyone and stated that Dallas would be acting as Chair because Sarah was unable to attend.  Our new Teacher Representative Tammy Boudreau was also welcomed.

1. Student population 819, new portables are open and occupied

2. Minutes from last meeting were distributed and no corrections were made, Ashley made a motion to approve and Claude Seconded the motion.

3. Family Literacy Day

Family literacy will take place on January 27th at RES This year they’ve added a new twist to the day, children are invited to dress up as their favorite character in a book and it is open to parents’ grandparents, siblings, and friends to come in and read with children.   Also, there will be support for students that will not have anyone attend. Books will be available in both English and French. Tammy spoke about a plan to add Math literature to the day, and Harry added that he also runs an adult literacy group.  Everyone agreed that it might be worth advertising this support for our international parents.

4. Sports and Clubs

Active clubs are Pokémon, Beyblades, chess

lunchtime intramurals are running basketball.

Gymnastic and Ballet are running.

 Girls and Boys’ basketball teams are underway, we have added a second boys basketball team after a big turn out of 52 boys trying out, this team will be a tier lower.

The BU club is up and running with the guidance counselors looking to start the Live Stream of “Eagle Talk”, this live stream will focus on school spirit, being a good citizen, etc.

5. Games centre

the staff have started to organize a game centre for all of the children at RES, we have received the following donations, ping pong table, air hockey table, foosball table, guitars. The temporary location is the stage, located between cafeteria and Middle Gym.  The staff is collaborating on a schedule so all students will have the opportunity to use the game centre.

6. Learning Centre

Our new learning centre is in the multipurpose room, dark curtains have been put up to give a calming affect, couches and soft chairs added to make a more comfortable sitting area. There are music activities with a variety of different learning activities.

7. International students

We have many different languages within our school:

We have had many flags donated it to represent all the countries.

As of right now we have one EA tutor for the international students, he is working 35.5 hours a week and tutoring over 54 students, more support is needed for the students and the teachers.  We have a new EA tutor coming and hopefully work 35.5 hours a week to help support.

8. Report from Tammy Boudreau

Middle school January Dance was a hit, students reported they all had fun.

Grade 8 Trip had a big turn out of 73 students going to attend.

Students are enjoying Reading buddies and helping during lunch hour with the kindergartens.

Tech class with Mr. Shanahan has been busy with Clay motion stop/start.

Coding has been also busy with developing impressive models, Tammy was able to show the committee one of the great work the students have been doing. Next up “Cooking”

9. Student perception survey results 2022 will be cared over to next meeting March 22, 2023

Teacher perception will be emailed to member for review.

10. Donations

RES recently donated 1200 dollars they raised from selling popcorn. This money was given to the Boys and Girls Club to help repair their vandalized van. The BGC does so much for our community it was great for RES to come together and help.

11. PSSC Funding

Committee motioned to spend PSSC Funding of $730? on communications/paper in the

school. Motion was approved.

12. Murals

A large amount of paint has been donated and staff will be starting murals around the school soon.

13. Playground slides and Spider web, replacements

H&S will be helping to replace slide (s) and a quote is coming, more fundraising needed to improve playground and middle school play area.

14. Outside Cameras

More outside cameras are needed and also updated, quote is coming.

15. Technology RES PILOT

 The school has applied to participate in a tech pilot program where the school will get new laptop      Chromebooks.

Harry Doyle addressed the committee on their opinion regarding the Immersion program. The committee voiced the pros and the cons regarding this topic.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20pm

Next Meeting March 22, 2023, at 6:00pm



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