Riverview East School
PSSC Meeting Minutes
March 16, 2022

The regular meeting of the Parent School Support Committee was
held on Wednesday March 16, 2022 at 6:00 PM in the RES Multi
Purpose Room.
Present: Adam Rogerson (Principal), Julie Stewart (Teacher
Representative), Sarah Murphy (Chair), Dallas McCready (Vice
Chair), Sean McKinley, Asheley Price, Harry Doyle (DEC
Regrets: Tammy Lane, Craig Lutes, Claude Anglehart, Rebecca
Steeves, April Arsenault, Mike Vandenburg, Trevor Morrison;

  1. Welcome
    Everyone was welcomed to the meeting; it was nice to be able to
    meet in person again. Sean Mckinley volunteered to take the
  2. Minutes
    The minutes were distributed and no corrections were made. The
    minutes were adopted.
  3. Update from Mike Holland Meeting
    In response to the letter sent to Minister Mike Holland, Sarah and
    Adam met with him on February 28. He was updated on the
    overcrowding at RES. Unfortunately RES has dropped from
    number 8 to 26 on the capital project priority list for the province.
    He asked for a new letter that included data on cost of module
    classrooms, predicted enrolment based on birth rate, as well as
    information on development in the area. He was going to meet
    with Minister of Education Dominic Cardy to discuss the need for
    the expansion. He was unable to meet the day intended, but will
    as soon as he can and will keep us updated. Harry Doyle will
    send another invitation to Dominic Cardy to tour RES.
  4. Current Student Numbers
    -777 Students, 38 Homeroom classes
    -8 students currently being bussed to other schools in Riverview
    as their class has maximum number of students
    -An all time low of 47 students have registered for Kindergarten
    so far, we will get an update at the next meeting to see if the
    number rebounds
  5. Student Improvement Plan (SIP) Updates & Questions
    The committee had been presented the SIP Plan at the previous
    meeting, Adam answered questions from members. At the next
    meeting Teachers will present SIP goals and activities to the
    committee, including extra curricular activities and events
    available for every child.
  6. Principals Report:
    -Parent teacher will be held as a hybrid model with options for
    both in person and virtual meetings, whichever guardians feel
    comfortable doing. Communications will be sent soon to make
    -Home and School will be holding its first in-person meeting in two
    years shortly
    -Assessments are ongoing with multiple grades completing
    testing, including Grades 6, 7, 8, 4, & 5
    Extracurricular activities are ongoing such as:
    -Grade 5 Water Polo
    -Middle School Basketball
    -Ryan Gunn Write for Fun
    -Pokemon Club
    -STEM projects
    -Heritage Fair projects
    -Middle School will hold a dance in April
    -Grade 8 will have a graduation banquet
  7. Adjournment
    Meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.



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