Riverview East School
PSSC Meeting Minutes
November 24, 2021

The regular meeting of the Parent School Support Committee was
held on Wednesday November 24, 2021 at 6:00 PM in the RES
Multi Purpose Room.
Adam Rogerson (Principal), Julie Stewart (Teacher
Representative), Sarah Murphy (Chair), Sean McKinley, April
Arsenault, Mike Vandenburg, Dallas McCready, Trevor Morrison,
Asheley Price,
Regrets: Tammy Lane, Craig Lutes, Claude Anglehart, Rebecca

  1. Everyone was welcomed to the meeting, and introduced new
    committee member Ashley Price.
    Agenda Item ‘PSSC Budget’ was added to the agenda.
  2. Passing of Minutes
    Minutes from Sept 29 meeting were approved: motioned by Mike
    Vandenberg and seconded by Dallas McCready.
  3. Expansion Letters
    Received a reply from Aubrey Kirkpatrick, and DTI Minister Jill
    Greene forwarded to department officials. District Education
    Council Admin circulated to Committee. Sarah Spoke to Harry
    Doyle and he confirmed RES is still in 8th on the Provincial
    Capital Project list.
    Did not receive replies from: Premier Blaine Higgs, Minister Mike
    Holland, Education Minister Dominic Cardy, or Minister Ernie
    Sean McKinley motioned to resend letters, seconded by Mike
    Vandenberg, to all who did not reply, and invite Minister Cardy for
    a tour of the school.
  4. PSSC Budget
    Committee motioned to spend $706.00 on communications in the
    school. Motion was approved.
  5. Update on Student Numbers
    Currently the student population is 766 and 35 Homerooms. The
    grade 7 English Prime class was over the student limit and now
    has been divided into two separate classrooms.
  6. Inclusion & Diversity Statements
    Adam distributed booklet to committee. Committee reviewed and
    passed inclusion & diversity statements. Members asked to
    review in further detail. Will continue discussion and review
    questions at the next meeting. Adam noted that there are now a
    large number of different countries represented in the school.
    Committee motioned to adopt Inclusion & Diversity Statements.
    Motion was approved.
    7 SIP Goal updates
    Committee reviewed School Improvement Plan updates.
  7. Principals Report
    -Report cards will go home Nov. 29, and parent teacher
    interviews will be done via phone on Dec 2nd & 3rd.
    -Holiday Feast put on by cafeteria on December 7
    -Theme week for students Dec such as ugly sweater day, snow
    sculptures, hat/antlers day, minutes to win it games,
    -Book Fair will be hybrid with option for students to go in person
    and parents to purchase online
    -Kindergarten registrations ongoing
    -Fill the Bus food drive will take place again this year
    -Grade 8 Girls team won their game vs RMS
    -Power hour will be
    -Eagle Times student paper will release December Issue
    -Water Polo for Grade 5 will return this winter
    -Pokemon & Beyblade club has started at noon hour
    -Cafeteria re-opens after Christmas break on January 10
  8. Meeting was adjourned at 6:58pm.
    Next Meeting: January 19 6:00pm.



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